Subject: Osborne's Latest & Greatest November '03
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 12:38:41 -0600
From:"Faltermeier, Bettina" <>  

Below you will find a list of select new titles to be released this 
month.  For a complete listing of our books, please visit our Website at 

If you are a member of the media or a user group manager and would like 
to obtain a review copy of a book and/or its press release, please 
contact Bettina Faltermeier at  Don't 
hesitate to contact me at any time if you need more information about 
our books and authors, would like to interview an author, or are 
interested in excerpts of our books.

For bulk user group purchases (10 books minimum and a 30% discount), 
please email Karen Schopp at 

Consumer Technology:

QuickBooks 2004: The Official Guide by Kathy Ivens
ISBN: 0-07-223139-4; 608 pages; $29.99
The only official guide to QuickBooks 2004, this information-packed 
resource teaches users of all levels how to manage their finances for 
business or home.

How to Do Everything with Illustrator GS by David Karlins
ISBN: 0-07-223092-4; 400 pages; $29.99
Now in full color!  Illustrator expert Karlins' clear, step-by-step 
instructions will help anyone quickly grasp and master the fundamental and 
advanced features of this vector graphics tool.  He shows how to create 
illustrations, maps, logos, CD covers, animation objects, fine art, and 

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML by James Pence
ISBN: 0-07-223129-7; 406 pages; $24.99
This step-by-step resource takes the mystery out of using markup 
languages HTML and XHTML to build Web sites.  It will help its readers 
through the process with friendly and familiar terms and techniques.  It 
covers all the basics, such as adding links, images, and data, and moves on 
to advanced techniques such as animation, image maps, and 

How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera, Third Edition by Dave 
ISBN: 0-07-223081-9; 456 pages; $24.99
Award-winning photographer and best-selling author Dave Johnson shows 
why digital photography is truly the visual recording medium of the 
future.  He teaches the essentials of photography including composition, 
exposure, flash, and lighting, plus tips for editing images, adding 
creative effects, working with file formats, incorporating images into photo 
projects, prints, and the Internet, and more.

How to Do Everything with Google by Fritz Schneider, Nancy Blachman, & 
Eric Fredricksen
ISBN: 0-07-223174-2; 304 pages; $24.99
The authors show how to make Google's enormous power work to get 
precise search results.  Readers will discover what librarians and 
researchers know and they'll learn the best tactics and strategies for finding 
information on the web using Google search.  Includes coverage of 
little-known Google features such as the bargain-searching Froogle, a news 
service, an image search service, and more.


Hacking Exposed Windows Server 2003 by Joel Scambray & Stuart McClure
ISBN: 0-07-223061-4; 576 pages; $49.99
The authors show how intruders locate targets, gain super-user access, 
and ransack compromised networks.  They detail all-new Windows Server 
2003 footprinting and scanning methods, IIS6 security flaws, buffer 
overflows exploits, Terminal Services hacks, and DoS/DdoS vulnerabilities.  
Real-world cases and code examples demonstrate the most current dangers 
and spell out countermeasures to stonewall malicious intruders.  

Network Security: The Complete Reference by Roberta Bragg, Mark 
Rhodes-Ousley, & Keith Strassberg
ISBN: 0-07-222697-8; 928 pages; $59.99
This book teaches end-to-end network security concepts and techniques, 
and includes detailed information on how to design a comprehensive 
security defense model.  Plus, it discloses how to develop and deploy 
computer, personnel, and physical security policies, how to design and 
manage authentication and authorization methods, and much more.

A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, 5th Edition by Mike Meyers & 
Scott Jernigan
ISBN: 0-07-222991-8; 1184 pages; $59.99
Fully revised and updated for the new exam releases - and reviewed and 
approved by CompTIA - this authoritative volume covers everything 
necessary to know to pass both the Core Hardware and Operating System 
Technologies exams.  With helpful exam tips throughout, end-of-chapter 
practice questions, detailed coverage of the exam format, and hundreds of 
photographs and illustrations, this comprehensive guide not only helps 
anyone pass the A+ certification exams, but also teaches how to be an 
expert hardware technician.


Macromedia Flash MX 2004: A Beginner's Guide by Brian Underdahl
ISBN: 0-07-222982-9; 400 pages; $29.99
With help of this book, users will be able to animate productions and 
publish Flash movies in no time.  It provides step-by-step coverage and 
teaches the fundamental tools as well as ActionScript, Flash's native 
programming language.

.NET & J2EE Interoperability by Dwight Peltzer 
ISBN: 0-07-223054-1; 500 pages; $49.99
This book provides solutions to interoperability between J2EE and .NET 
environments and includes case studies from actual companies who have 
successfully integrated J2EE & .NET.  The author shows how to program 
with XML and serialization, targeting programmers, J2EE architects, and 
Windows developers.


Advantage Database Server: The Official Guide by Carey Jensen and Loy 
ISBN: 0-07-223084-3; 496 pages; $49.99
Technically reviewed and approved by the Extended Systems Advantage 
Database Server R&D team, this resource explains the powerful benefits of 
ADS, what the user's data access options are, how to build tables and 
indexes, and how to set up a data dictionary.  The CD-ROM that 
accompanies this book includes everything needed to start using ADS: a 
single-user license for various platforms, all utilities and associated client 
interfaces, permitting users to access ADS  from almost every 
development environment imaginable.  Plus, a link on the CD-ROM permits users to 
download a 5-user trial version of the ADS server.  The CD-ROM also 
includes sample applications complete with source code.