From:"Faltermeier, Bettina" <> 
To:"''" <>
Subject: User Group Program
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:23:15 -0400

Welcome to the McGraw-Hill/Osborne User Group Partnership, and thank 
you for
signing up on our Web site!  We appreciate your interest and look 
forward to
working with you and your User Group. 

McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media supports the service that User Groups provide 
the technical community.  We value our relationship with 
groups and appreciate the opportunity to form these partnerships to
disseminate the latest technological information available in Osborne

We are offering a 30 % discount on User Group bulk purchases of 10 or 
books, and ask for these orders to be placed by a representative of 
Group with our User Group sales manager, Karen Schopp.  Karen can be
contacted via email at

You will receive our monthly e-mail newsletter featuring newly 
McGraw-Hill/Osborne publications, and we encourage you to select titles 
this list for review purposes.  We're happy to provide these review 
for newsletter and Web site reviews free of charge.  We also offer book
donations and promotional items for User Group events, speaking 
and roundtables with our authors, as they are available, and other 
event sponsorship opportunities.  

All we ask is that reviews of Osborne books are published in your 
and on your Web site, and, of course, that you notify us of published
reviews or user reviews that we can use for publicity purposes and 
reviews.  We would be happy to provide a graphical link to 
your User Group Web site.

Thank you again for your interest in our books!

Best Regards,

Bettina Faltermeier
Publicity Manager
McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media 
2600 Tenth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 883-7657