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Subject: OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit: Come To The Source
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OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit-  Come To The Source
Where Linux users, developers and vendors come together
Hosted by the Open Source Development Labs

Jan 31-Feb 2, 2004, Hyatt Hotel, Burlingame, California
Early Bird discount - Register by Friday, 12/17/04 and save $50. 
Register online now:

The OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit is the source of Linux deployment 
information.  This unique conference brings together Linux users, 
developers and vendors to explore practical solutions for accelerating Linux 
deployment across the enterprise.

- An "Open Conversation" with Linus Torvalds, Andrew Morton and Brian
Behlendorf. Moderated by OSDL CEO Stuart Cohen, this unique panel of 
and OSS Notables with will focus on the increasing importance of Linux 
open source software in today's complex IT environment. This keynote is
sure to be both informative and provocative.

- Utility Computing and the ISV Opportunity on Linux.  Dave McAllister, 
Carl Kesselman, Akmal Khan.  Utility computing is approaching a tipping 
point in enterprise adoption. There are enormous business opportunities 
for ISVs who can move quickly and capitalize on Linux's early role as 
the critical platform for utility computing.

Meet the Experts:
Meet the Experts at OSDL's Enterprise Linux Summit
Learn how OSDL works with the development community for enterprise 
Success. The "OSDL Meet the Experts" forum will be
located on the exhibition floor during the conference and will be 
staffed by
OSDL Linux kernel developers, test engineers and other technical 
This forum will help Enterprise Linux Summit attendees understand how 
works with the open source software & Linux development communities to
improve Linux and accelerate its adoption.

- Tutorial Sessions providing valuable, "how to" guidance on Linux 
architecture, integration, legal, and applications development issues.

- The OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit addresses the important issues 
surrounding successful Linux deployment:
*	Creating Linux deployment strategies that meet the needs of the 
business-today and into the future 
*	Identifying Linux deployment best practices-from the data center to 
the desktop 
*	Clarifying licensing issues for Linux and open source software 
*	Using Linux and OSS software with proprietary software applications 
*	Leveraging the flexibility of Linux-building out the Linux and OSS 
solution stack to meet a variety of real-world enterprise computing 
*	Real-world advice on how to incorporate Linux into your existing IT 

Practical Information and Insights
The focus of the OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit is on practical 
information and proven solutions from IT professionals who have successfully 
tackled a wide range of enterprise Linux deployment challenges. It's a 
rare opportunity to benefit from the experience and insight of peers from 
companies like CollabNet, Black Duck Software, OSI and the Free 
Standards Group. Presenters include Andrew Morton, Larry Rosen and Brian 
 A key feature of the program are the networking opportunities with 
peers, Linux leaders, and key vendors.

Jan 31-Feb 2, 2004, Hyatt Hotel, Burlingame, California 
Hosted by OSDL

+ 781-444-0404,

About Open Source Development Labs:
OSDL - home to Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux - is dedicated to 
accelerating the growth and adoption of Linux in the enterprise. Founded 
in 2000 and supported by a global consortium of IT industry leaders, 
OSDL is a non-profit organization that provides state-of the-art 
computing and test facilities in the United States and Japan available to 
developers around the world. OSDL's founding members are IBM, HP, CA, Intel, 
and NEC. A complete list of OSDL member organizations is provided on 
the member page at OSDL Members.

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