Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 11:50:04 -0500
Subject: Press Release: Please forward to your membership
PRESS RELEASE.............................. December 27, 2000

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PROVEN SOFTWARE, INC. is pleased to announce the release of eCHOICEŽ.
eCHOICEŽ is an internet shopping cart for linux which is fully 
integrated with PROVEN CHOICEŽ Accounting Systems. eCHOICEŽ is
appropriate for business to business as well as consumer applications.

eCHOICEŽ allows webmasters to easily integrate to the PROVEN CHOICEŽ
Accounting System while still retaining much creativity and design
flexibility. For example, items may be sold directly from PROVEN 
CHOICEŽ Inventory files by following some very simple input rules for
your store's pages. The actual design of these store item pages are
under the webmaster's control.

The PROVEN CHOICEŽ Internet Tool Kit is also available to serious web
developers who want even greater custom capability.

Business to Business and other applications, which may wish to 
restrict access to only prequalified customers, may also integrate 
the eCHOICEŽ shopping cart to their PROVEN CHOICEŽ customer file.

Sales transactions from eCHOICEŽ may be sent directly into PROVEN
CHOICEŽ Accounting for fulfillment and further processing as
appropriate for your specific application. Completed transactions 
may then be posted to update not only sales journals but also 
Inventory and Customer files when desired for the application.

eCHOICEŽ is a part of PROVEN CHOICEŽ Accounting, a fully integrated
accounting system for businesses and non-profits which includes 
General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts
Payable, Sales Invoicing, and Checkwriter as well as important 
options such as Professional Time Billing and Sales 
Invoicing/Inventory Control Modules.

Proven Software, Inc., the authors of Proven CHOICEŽ, has been
developing business applications for over 15 years, exclusively for
Linux for over 5 years.

Additional information and an evaluation copy of Proven CHOICEŽ is
available at .

Inquiries are welcomed at .

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