Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 16:58:31 -0600
Subject: REALbasic for Linux Standard Edition - LinuxWorld Award Winner
From:"REALbasic for Linux" <>
To:"Mikie Swier/Ken Beach" <>
Please forward to your Linux User Group Members in Illinois:

REALbasic for Linux recently received a Linux World Readers' Choice 
for Best Linux Development Tool and Best Linux Programming Environment. 
think this is a pretty well-kept secret, and we believe that Linux 
could be creating more Linux software, more quickly and easily than 
before, with REALbasic, if they knew more about it.

So, we'd like to offer your entire user group the opportunity to get 
very own copy of REALbasic for Linux, Standard Edition, completely free 

In addition, REAL World, the REALbasic User's Conference, is coming up 
the end of February -- get more info here:  

It's a great time to meet other REALbasic developers, gain knowledge 
their experience and get introduced to REALbasic for LInux in a hurry.

What's more, if you register for the conference by February 6, 2006, 
give you a free 12-month subscription to REALbasic Professional 
Edition, (a 
$399.95 value). Use REALbasic Professional Edition to create software 
just for Linux, but for Windows and Macintosh as well, all from a 
source code base. (Note: This is a special limited offer and expires 
February 6, 2006 so act now. Send email to <> to 
get this special discount.

So, don't delay.  As a member of a Linux User Group,  you can download 
REALbasic for LInux Standard Edition for free right here:  
<> and register for the 
here:  <>

We hope to welcome you to the vibrant, exciting REALbasic community and 
hope to meet you in person at REAL World 2006.

Best regards,
Janet Camacho

Customer Service
REAL Software, Inc.
(512) 328-7325