Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:30:40 +0000
From:"Rod McCall" <> 
Subject: Review of Revolution

I am writing to ask whether your user group may be interested in 
Revolution, the award-nominated cross-platform development tool. 
allows developers to write your code once and deliver on all major 
platforms including Linux/Unix. Current features include internet 
capabilities (full client/server support), advanced regular expression 
handling, CGI processing, multimedia, database access combined with 
easy to 
use programming language and a full GUI builder. Revolution is 
used by a range of people including government agencies, corporations, 
developers, educational institutions, home users and many others.

If your user group is interested in writing a review of Revolution for 
website or for inclusion in a printed newsletter/magazine please feel 
to get in touch. Where the user group is of an appropriate size we will 
issue a free reviewers licence, alternatively we can assist in user 
sharing reviews.

In addition to providing review copies of the software we can also help 
write (or provide) tutorials on how to use the product which appear in 
newsletters, supply free demonstration versions for inclusion in CD's 
or if 
you have any other specific requests these are also welcome.

We currently have a beta release of our next version which is available 
from our website, a full version for all major platforms will be 
in due course. Finally, our website is due for a major update soon so 
you cannot find anything please feel free to ask for help.

Kind regards,


Rod McCall
Runtime Revolution Ltd <>
91 Hanover Street, Edinburgh,  EH2 1DJ, UK
tel: +44 (0) 870 747 1165 fax: +44 (0) 131 718 4334
"Power to the Developer" (Mac/Windows/Linux/Unix)

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