Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:48:26 -0700 From:"Brent Sharp" <>
To:"Brent Sharp" <>
CC:"Kim Wright" <>, "Marc Christensen" <>
Subject: Special Invitation from Novell Customer Communities
As you have been active in receiving Some of Novell's Technical 
Kits, we would like to continue to involve the Linux Community by
inviting you to Novell's Annual Customer Communities Leadership
Conference.  The conference will include briefings by Novell Executives
as well as Novell Product Managers.  We will also be touring the Novell
Headquarters in Provo Utah.  Attendees will include other LUG Leaders
and other Novell Customer Community Leaders (including NUI).  

Please see the attached invitation for more details.  If you have
question please contact me at 1.800.453.1267 x12585 or Kimberly Wright
at 1.800.453.1267 x12605.  

We look forward to your attendance and the knowledge and experience
that you bring.

Thank you,

Brent Sharp
Novell Customer Communities