Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 11:25:53 -0500
Subject: Stopping the Microsoft juggernaut Should Microsoft receive harsher penalties?

I am very disappointed with the Feds settlement. Fortunately nine
states' AG's agree with me. I have sent the following to the states'
AG's dissatisfied with the terms of the USDOJ settlement agreement.

"It seems to me that Microsoft has indulged in not only anti-trust
violations but racketeering as well. Is this a possible avenue of
approaching their abuses?"

As you can see, my position well exceeds current prosecution parameters.
Even if you don't agree with my extreme position, but desire more
vigorous prosecution, I urge you to write to the Attorneys General to
inform them of your support. You donít have to reside in these states to
write them. Write to all of them if you wish. The Attorneys General
exist to provide services to their constituency. I believe that for the
most part they take this responsibility very seriously. They want to get
the bad guys. It is my opinion that Microsoft, Gates, Ballmer, et al,
are the bad guys.

Below are the email addresses of the nine states Attorneys General
dedicated to continuing with more stringent anti-trust prosecution.
Included is USDOJ address to express your displeasure to the Feds. For
international readers I have included a link to a USDOJ website listing
other countries who are undertaking anti-trust action.

 Please include your name and address. This contributes to your
authenticity. They may want to send you a snail mail confirmation.
Please put it in your own words.

A formulation was made years ago by various entities like newspapers,
magazines, politicians, and such. They figured that for every person who
bothered to write to them represented X amount of people who didnít take
the time and effort to write but shared similar opinions. X can equal
anywhere from one thousand to ten thousand depending the specific
circumstances of the recipient. So, as you can see, the simple act of
writing can have a multiplier effect. Thatís why your single
contribution is so important.

 If you agree that Microsoft has gotten off too lightly, I plead with
you to take a few minutes, write to the Attorneys General and make your
opinions known. When weíre all using Microsoft Windows at least youíll
be able to console yourself by knowing that you at least tried to resist
Microsoft hegemony.

 This is the time to strike. They believe that they have hornswoggled
a  sweet deal. Their guard is down, if just a bit. This is far from









West Virginia:

US Dept of Justice-Microsoft anti-trust comments:

US Dept of Justice-other sites worldwide:

     This is a real opportunity for those of us who want more stringent
prosecution. Before, Microsoft had only to have one team of lawyers to
deal with the Feds. Now, their efforts will be diluted by virtue of
having to confront nine different government entities. The time to
express your opinion is now. Together we can have a positive impact on
the future of computing if only we take the time to express our opinions
to those who hold the public trust.

Best regards,
Christian Loweth