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                   The Sys Admin Newsletter
                          News for the
          February 2003 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


1. Note from the Editor
2. Highlights of the February issue 
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This issue of Sys Admin contains several articles describing useful 
tools and techniques for Web administration. John Duncan shows how 
to unify Web clusters with Spread. Peter Dintelmann and Mohammed 
Kabir share Apache configuration tips, and Dustin Anders 
demonstrates how to use Squid and Apache to block Web banner ads. 

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief

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	The February 2003 issue contains:

Unifying Web Clusters with Spread by John David Duncan
Duncan explains how Spread allows administrators to easily develop 
distributed logging and monitoring applications.

Managing IP Access Restrictions by Peter Dintelmann 
Dintelmann shows how to configure IP access restrictions with Apache.

Tuning Apache Servers by Mohammed Kabir  
Kabir shares some of his techniques for customizing Apache.

Increasing Bandwidth with Wireless Devices by Henry Psenicka and Bob 
The authors describe their solution for increasing available WAN 
bandwidth while controlling costs.

Filtering/Replacing Advertisements with Squid and Apache by Dustin 
Anders demonstrates a quick and easy way to block banner ads via 
Squid and Apache.

Swimming with the Spammers by Phillip Tiburcio 
Tiburcio shows how he set up a personal email server built entirely 
with free tools and reduced his spam intake by 95%.

The OpenACS E-Commerce Solution by Rafael A. Calvo and Mark Aufflick 
The authors describe the OpenACS framework and its features for 
managing communities of Web site users.

Stop Spam at the Server

PureMessage decreases spam by up to 98% through high-performance, 
managed filters that control security and usage at the gateway.

Find out more:

Review of Current File Systems and Volume Managers by Henry Newman

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

Live from Sun - It's Upgrades! by Peter Baer Galvin

Digex, Yahoo, and Devine use Moonlight to Manage Servers

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software distribution, and troubleshooting of servers.  Linux - Solaris 
Windows.  Eliminate manual repetitive activities, increase your
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	Information Security -- June 2003

Proposals Due: February 3, 2003
Manuscripts Due: March 3, 2003

* Choosing an Encryption Algorithm
* New Solaris 9 Features for Securing Data
* Secret HIPAA Techniques
* They Said My Data Was Secure: How I Found Out It Wasn't and What I 
* Innovative Uses for Shareware or Freeware Encryption Tools 

	Networking -- July 2003

Proposals Due: March 3, 2003
Manuscripts Due: April 1, 2003

* Homegrown Network Management Tools
* Unusual and Interesting Case Studies in Network Configuration
* Weird (but Effective) Solutions for Multi-platform Connectivity
* Open Source Network-Troubleshooting Utilities
* Securing Wireless Networks

	Storage -- August 2003

Proposals Due: April 1, 2003
Manuscripts Due: May 1, 2003

* Advanced Tricks for Serving Up Samba
* Approximating a SAN with Open Source Tools
* Innovative Scripts for Managing Data Storage
* Unsung Techniques for Securing Archived Data
* How I Solved a Complex Remote Storage Problem Inexpensively

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