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Subject: Sys Admin Magazine -- January 2003 News and Reviews
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	Sys Admin Magazine -- News and Reviews	 
		  January 2003

Check out Marcel Gagné's review of Quasar Accounting Software for 
Linux, and a book review by Stephen Northcutt of The SANS Institute.
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Review: Quasar Accounting Software for Linux Version 1.2   
Review by Marcel Gagné 

It is very hard to get excited about accounting . . . for most people 
anyway. Still, accounting is part of the normal and necessary cycle of 
doing business. Every business needs an accounting system, even if it 
is a paper record of transactions. These days, paper is fine if your 
business is a lemonade stand, but most businesses require a 
computerized accounting system. 

Once upon a time, as development in Linux graphic, multimedia, office 
productivity, and desktop applications raced ahead, people often asked, 
"Where are all the accounting packages?" These voices were heard and 
professional accounting packages for Linux finally arrived. Yet, this 
very necessary part of business automation seems to get little press 
and even less respect. In an effort to rectify this injustice, I'm 
going to venture into the less-than-sexy world of bean-counting as 
I explore Linux Canada's Quasar Accounting. 

For the complete review, visit:

Book Review: Computer Security: Art and Science   
by Stephen Northcutt - The SANS Institute

Computer Security: Art and Science has been years in the making 
and for good reason -- it is more than 1000 pages long. The book 
seems best suited for four groups of readers. The first group is 
college students; this will probably be a popular choice as a 
textbook for undergraduate-level students and with additional 
materials, graduate-level students. It is a complete guide to 
computer security terminology and theory. Other groups of readers 
that would benefit from this book include security-conscious managers 
seeking to assess the knowledge of potential employees, especially 
in policy and architecture positions. A third group includes anyone 
preparing for information security certifications. Finally, anyone 
seeking to understand the big picture of information security would 
benefit from this book. 

For the complete review, visit:
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