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          March 2003 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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Sys Admin's theme for March is Network Security, and the issue 
contains articles on managing a Security Enhanced Linux system, 
troubleshooting problems with ARP, configuring the AIDE tool, and 
setting up VPN connections. 

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief

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	The March 2003 issue contains:

SELinux by Kerry Thompson 
Security Enhanced Linux is an extension to the standard Linux kernel, 
designed to enforce strict access controls that confine processes 
to the minimum amount of privilege. In this article, Thompson 
describes how to install, configure, and manage an SELinux system.

AIDE to the Rescue -- An Open Source Security Tool 
by Arthur Messenger and Brian Gollsneider 
The authors show how to install and configure the Advanced Intrusion 
Detection System (AIDE), a multiple platform, open source, and GPL 
replacement for Tripwire.

Dangerous ARPs by Noah Davids 
Most of the time, the ARP protocol works quietly and flawlessly in 
the background, however, it can create problems. In this article, 
Davids reviews ARP and shows how to diagnose trouble with a protocol 
analyzer like tcpdump.

Easy-to-Use VPN Connections with vpnd by Bill Davidsen 
Davidsen describes the vpnd program, which is included with recent 
Red Hat releases and available in source for any UNIX distribution.

Proactively Protecting VPN with Nessus by Edward L. Haletky
Using Linux, Apache, and Nessus, Haletky put together a system that 
allows administrators to assess the security of the remote network 
through which a VPN connection is initiated.

Stop Spam at the Server

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Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

Solaris Administration Best Practices by Peter Baer Galvin

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	Networking -- July 2003

Proposals Due: March 3, 2003
Manuscripts Due: April 1, 2003

* Homegrown Network Management Tools
* Unusual and Interesting Case Studies in Network Configuration
* Weird (but Effective) Solutions for Multi-platform Connectivity
* Open Source Network-Troubleshooting Utilities
* Securing Wireless Networks

	Storage -- August 2003

Proposals Due: April 1, 2003
Manuscripts Due: May 1, 2003

* Advanced Tricks for Serving Up Samba
* Approximating a SAN with Open Source Tools
* Innovative Scripts for Managing Data Storage
* Unsung Techniques for Securing Archived Data
* How I Solved a Complex Remote Storage Problem Inexpensively

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