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Subject: Sys Admin Magazine -- February 2003 News and Reviews
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 11:20:27 -0700

	Sys Admin Magazine -- News and Reviews	 
		      February 2002

Check out Marcel Gagné's review of Cygwin, collection of GNU tools 
ported to Windows
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Review: Improving the Windows Experience with Cygwin, Version 1.3.20
Review by Marcel Gagné

Two or three months ago, I ran into an interesting problem. It was 
interesting for a couple of reasons, the first being that it has since 
recurred a number of times. The second is that it highlights a rapidly 
growing trend in the IT world. 

Here's what happened -- I was walking a customer through a 
problem with a remote system. The customer was at a branch where the 
manager is particularly paranoid about networks. They have an internal 
network but refuse to connect the systems to the Internet, thereby 
making logging in and taking care of the issue a lengthy process. I 
started to walk my colleague through the steps necessary to rectify 
the problem (a print filter easily modified under the appropriate X 
admin tool). 

"This would be so easy if your notebook ran Linux," I told my 

"Yes, Marcel," he said. "I know, but it doesn't." The short version 
of the story is that we managed to deal with the problem, but even 
with the limited abilities of his Windows notebook, the ability to 
run X would have been a great boon. 

Lately, I've run into more and more situations where easy access to a 
Linux desktop would really simplify things for my customers. This is 
particularly true as Linux servers become the norm in corporate 
computer rooms. 

Enter Cygwin 

Long-time Unix and Linux users realize that sometimes nothing beats 
the power of the shell, not to mention the bevy of tools that the 
*nix environment provides. This is where Cygwin shows its power. 
Cygwin is actually a collection of GNU tools ported to Windows, 
which is done through the use of a Cygwin runtime library. Using 
Cygwin, a developer can use Cygwin's runtime (or the Win32 API), 
the gcc compiler, and accompanying debugging tools, to port Unix 
and Linux software to Windows. 

The reason for Cygwin goes beyond simply porting Linux and Unix 
code to Windows. 

To read the rest of Marcel's review, visit:
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