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Subject: Sys Admin Newsletter May 2003
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 12:58:10 -0700

                   The Sys Admin Newsletter
                          News for the
              May 2003 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


1. Note from the Editor
2. Highlights of the May issue 
3. Call for Papers
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Sys Admin magazine is looking for highly technical, original 
articles describing solutions and tools that readers can implement 
throughout the enterprise. This month's call for papers includes 
the themes of Security, Server Management, and Performance Tuning, 
which will be featured in the magazine this fall. If you're 
interested in contributing, please contact us. Articles exploring 
AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and other UNIX-like 
systems are welcome. 

Also, SAGE is looking for sys admins to complete their annual salary 
survey. You can find the link to fill out the questionnaire, along 
with more information, on the Sys Admin home page:

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief

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	The May 2003 issue contains:

Solaris Failover - Keeping Connected at All Times
by Brian Gollsneider and Arthur Messenger
The authors show how to configure a system for failover and 
describe the network impact of multipath groups.

FireWatch - A Firewall Monitoring Tool by Will Schroeder 
Schroeder describes FireWatch, a tool he developed to allow 
administrators to see what is being rejected by the firewall 
of each host.

Spam-Proofing Your Qmail Server by Chris Woodard 
Woodard explains how to use Qmail to reduce the amount of incoming 
spam and keep spammers from using your mail server as a mail relay.

Using NetWorker and UFS Snapshots to Back Up Oracle Databases 
by Christopher T. Beers  
Beers describes, which when used in conjunction with 
Legato NetWorker provides a solution to back up an Oracle 8.0.5 

Integrating Nessus with MySQL by Tony Howlett and Lorell Hathcock 
Howlett and Hathcock describe how to create and populate a MySQL 
database with Nessus results.

Managing Third-Party Software Installationwith pkgsrc 
by Jan Schaumann 
Schaumann describes the use of NetBSD's Packages Collection for 
efficient third-party software management.

Putting a Flash Archive on a Bootable CD by Liz Frank  
Frank shows how to build a bootable Solaris CD to install a clone 
of a current system using the JumpStart and Flash Archive tools.

Automating Web Reports with Analog by Isaac Sacolick 
Sacolick discusses various methods of collecting and analyzing Web 
traffic data and describes his company's implementation of Analog, 
a free logfile analysis program.

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Variables and Scoping by Randal L. Schwartz

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

Keynote by Neal Stephenson; 14 New tutorials; 3 tracks of
Technical sessions, AFS Workshop plus an 18' flying penguin!

Learn what's new from the technical best.
Early Reg Discount ends May 16th

June 19-14, 2003, San Antonio, Texas

Enterprise Administration
We're looking for practical, high-end discussions of storage, 
clustering, security, and advanced networking solutions based 
on your expertise and insights.

Open Source
We're looking for original uses of classic tools; custom 
solutions built from open source components; 
and descriptions of useful open source utilities.

Describe how you improved your life with the perfect Perl, shell, 
PHP, Python, or Tcl/Tk script.

We suggest that if you are interested in contributing, you first 
submit a proposal to us. If the proposal seems appropriate, we'll 
ask you to submit a manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted, 
we'll edit it, print it, and pay you for it. For more detailed 
information, refer to the author guidelines. Please address requests 
for guidelines, proposals, and manuscripts to: 

Rikki Endsley
Sys Admin
1601 W. 23rd St., Suite 200
Lawrence, KS 66046
voice: (785) 838-7555
fax: (785) 841-2047

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