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              July 2003 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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AEleen Frisch, author of Essential System Administration wrote an 
excellent series of articles for the O'Reilly & Associates Web site 
last year describing a few of her favorite tools. She says, 
"In general, these tools can make your job easier no matter what 
Unix operating system your computers run." On the list are the Amanda 
backup utility, LDAP, GRUB, and the Nagios monitoring package.  
Frisch's article on Nagios (formerly known as Netsaint) takes an 
in-depth look at Nagios and provides screenshots and annotated 
configuration files detailing key points. You can find out more 
about this useful tool from Frisch's article or from the Nagios 
Web site.

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief

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	The July 2003 issue contains:

Securing Wireless Campus Networks by Clark Gaylord and Steven Lee
The authors provide implementation details for a wireless access 
control setup, as well as a design for user-level access based on 
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Date Arithmetic with the Shell by Kyle Douglass and Ed Schaefer  
Schaefer and Douglass survey various tools for acquiring the number 
of seconds from the Epoch, and present several techniques for 
performing date arithmetic and date comparison.

Clusterpunch: Distributed Cluster Resource Monitoring 
by Martin Krzywinski 
Krzywinski describes Clusterpunch, a distributed execution system 
developed to provide administrators and users with a means to measure 
the computational availability of cluster nodes.

Monitoring Latency with Smokeping by Bill Kramp  
Kramp discusses the Smokeping tool, which complements the traditional 
ping utility and uses pings, http requests, or SMTP requests to the 
server or network service to collect latency information.

Testing an iptables Firewall from within the Host 
by Edward L. Haletky  
Haletky shows how to configure an iptables firewall host with 
User-Mode Linux, so it can test its own external firewall rules.


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Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

The Simplicity of Sockets by Randal L. Schwartz

The Truth about Tapes, Backups, and Restores by Peter Baer Galvin


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