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Subject: Sys Admin Magazine -- July 2003 News and Reviews
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:46:17 -0700

	    Sys Admin Magazine -- News and Reviews	 
		          July 2003


This month, Evan Sarmiento introduces TrustedBSD's ACL functionality 
and describes its MAC framework by detailing the use of three 
previously listed MAC modules. He also explains how systems 
administrators can design their own security policies for a 
given system. 

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Using TrustedBSD 
by Evan Sarmiento  

TrustedBSD provides a set of trusted operating system extensions 
to FreeBSD. Currently, these extensions can be downloaded from, but most of them (ACL and MAC -- Mandatory 
Access Control) have been integrated into the FreeBSD-current tree. 
The MAC framework allows security policies to be set dynamically at 
runtime. The MAC Framework essentially gives the developer the access 
to define a security policy that works by positioning the developer's 
code within kernel functions. The developer's security policy can 
either augment the traditional FreeBSD discretionary access control 
policy, or replace it entirely. Essentially, the MAC framework allows 
the systems administrator to give fine-grained privileges to each user 
through modifying the existing security policy to match the needs of 
the given system. TrustedBSD comes prepackaged with a few MAC security 
modules, which augment the security policies of the given system or 
add new features -- Biba Integrity Policy and File System Firewall 
Policy, among others. 

TrustedBSD also provides the concept of labels. Labels are extraneous 
pieces of information that are grafted onto various kernel structures. 
These labels can be filled with information that can be used by MAC 
modules to determine the outcome of a security check. Access Control 
List (ACL) functionality is also provided. In this article, I'll 
introduce TrustedBSD's ACL functionality and describes its MAC 
framework by detailing the use of three previously listed MAC 
modules. I'll also explain how systems administrators can design 
their own security policies for a given system. 

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