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2002 is the 10th anniversary year for Sys Admin magazine. Through 
these years, we've tried to keep the "mission statement" of the 
magazine clear and consistent -- to provide practical, technical 
information for UNIX systems administrators. I looked at results of the 
very first reader survey and found that our readers' technical 
interests have remained consistent as well. In response to the question 
"which topics would you like more information about", the answers 
"system performance" and "network management" were most frequently 
mentioned. Most recently, "security" and "performance tuning" were 
the top two responses. Ten years ago, the UNIX system most frequently 
used by Sys Admin readers was System V -- followed by SCO and Sun OS. 
According to the most recent survey, Linux and Solaris are most 
frequently used, followed by HP-UX and AIX.

If you're interested in browsing old Sys Admin articles for additional 
historical tidbits, check out the most recent Sys Admin back issue CD. 
We recently released Version 7, which includes articles and code from 
Sys Admin's premiere issue in 1992 through December of 2001. This year, 
we've added The Perl Journal archives as well. The CD is available 
through our Web site.
Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief
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		The January issue contains:

WINE: The Open Source Way to Run Windows Applications by Marcel Gagne
WINE, which stands for "WINE Is Not an Emulator", allows you to 
run Microsoft Windows programs on your system, but does not require 
a copy of Microsoft Windows, thereby saving the cost of a license. 
Gagne explains how.

Systems Administration with Scsh by Evan Sarmiento  
Sarmiento introduces a package called scsh (the Scheme shell), which 
provides a set of macros for the Scheme programming language adding 
the ability to call on all standard UNIX system calls and add regular 

Instant Messaging with Jabber by Chris Josephes  
Josephes describes how to implement Jabber, an open source instant 
messaging environment that is available for UNIX.

Halted Firewalls by Mike Murray  
Murray shows how to configure a Linux box so the firewall will 
continue to filter packets after the machine has been shut down.

Network Diagramming and Monitoring with Scotty by Brent Bice  
Bice describes Scotty, which can be used as a network-diagramming 
tool in addition to an SNMP network console. A network diagram 
built with Scotty can then be used to monitor and troubleshoot 
the objects within the diagram.

RDB - A UNIX Command-Line Database by Mark Pruett  
Pruett introduces RDB, a simple yet powerful relational database 
system that operates on plain text files using the UNIX command line.

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich  

Redundant Internet Connections Using Linux by Seann Herdejurgen  
Herdejurgen shows how to set up a Linux host with redundant Internet 

Posting Email to the Web with MhonArc by Roberto Joćo Lopes Garcia  
Garcia describes MHonArc, a Perl program used to disseminate 
project-related email to a team of developers.

Solaris Companion by Peter Baer Galvin
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LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, January 29 - February 1, 2002
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10th Anniversary Issue  -- May 2002
Proposals Due: January 2, 2002
Manuscripts Due: February 4, 2002

The special, 10th-anniversary issue of Sys Admin will focus on new
directions for UNIX and Linux. We're looking for articles on new
technologies that will be important to the development of the UNIX 
world in the next 10 years. Articles should discuss technologies 
that are available now. The emphasis should be on practical, 
detailed solutions. Sample topics include:
   * dedicated servers
   * new scripting languages
   * wireless devices
   * remote management
   * XML and other Web technologies
The article should not focus solely on the technology itself but 
should focus instead on solutions or case studies showing how the 
technology can help the plight of sys admins on real networks.
Performance Tuning  -- June 2002
Proposals Due: February 4 2002
Manuscripts Due: March 4, 2002

* More BSD Performance Tuning
* Tuning up the Linux 2.4 Kernel
* I Made my Solaris 8 Web Server Really Fast (Here's How)
* Totally Undocumented Unix Tricks for Better Performance
* Big Applications on Little Hardware: Making it Work
Tools -- July 2002
Proposals Due: March 4, 2002
Manuscripts Due: April 1 2002

* Homegrown Tools for Managing Linux
* My Favorite Unheralded Shareware or Freeware Tool (and How to Use It)
* Unusual Uses for Well Known Unix Tools
* I had a Strange Problem and Found a Unix Tool to Fix It
* UNIX/Linux Tools for Windows Integration

If UNIX were Elvis, we'd be Graceland:
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