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      May 2002 10th Anniversary issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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As I mentioned earlier this year, 2002 marks the 10th anniversary 
for Sys Admin magazine. Through the years, the magazine has addressed 
the systems administration demands of heterogeneous environments while 
weathering challenges in the high-tech publishing industry. During its 
10-year evolution, Sys Admin has provided regular coverage of Security, 
Open Source, and Perl, along with many other topics. Sys Admin also 
acquired The Perl Journal, which is now produced as a quarterly 
supplement, and relaunched as a UNIX-centric site 
presenting book and product reviews, certification updates, and 
Thanks to all our readers for making Sys Admin a success. Let us know 
what we can do to make it even better.

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief
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		The May issue contains:

Configuring a FreeBSD Access Point for your Wireless Network  
Michael S. DeGraw-Bertsch
The author describes how to configure a PC running FreeBSD to serve 
as an access point for your wireless network.

Wireless (In)Security by Ido Dubrawsky  
Dubrawsky provides an overview of the IEEE 802.11 standard governing 
wireless networks and describes some security concerns.

Nessus - A Powerful, Free Remote Security Scanner by Alan P. Laudicina  
While other scanners just try to guess what is running on every port 
by matching them with IANA assigned port numbers, the Nessus scanning 
tool finds out what's really running and checks whether it's a security 
hazard. Laudicina describes what else Nessus can do for you.

Using Email to Perform UNIX System Monitoring and Control by Bob 
Dilworth shares the set of Perl scripts he developed to monitor the 
critical interfaces at frequent intervals and page him upon 
problems. With this system, he can query, stop, and restart interface 
queues just by sending an appropriately formatted email to a work 

Supporting Screened Hosts with BIND 9.x Views by Scott DeJong  
Views is a powerful feature of the new version of BIND that can help 
complex DNS problems. DeJong describes a setup that can be implemented 
a secure, redundant, highly available, and load-balanced manner using 

Tracking Machines with GetHost by John Shearer  
Shearer describes an application called GetHost, which can quickly 
several sources of information in order to track machines on the 


Doing Many Things, Like pings by Randal L. Schwartz

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich
Solaris Administration Best Practices by Peter Baer Galvin
"If you're a developer, system administrator, or IT professional, Sun 
Microsystems is continuing to offer discounts throughout April on 
courses and books relating to the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment. 

Take advantage of these opportunities, which encompass all of the 
communities, newsgroups, forums, and web sites that enhance the value 
of the 
Solaris platform for the IT community. Programs include:

Free Developer Code Camps 
Sun Educational Services 
Solaris[tm] Fast Track Training 
Sun Microsystems Press 
Web Learning Center 
Cisco Networking Academy 
Sun STAR Program 

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Intrusion Detection -- August 2002
Proposals Due: April 11, 2002
Manuscripts Due: May 1, 2002
* How I Trapped an Intruder
* A Firewall Vulnerability Most Admins Don't Know About
* Detecting a Trojan Horse in UNIX (or Linux)
* High-End Subtleties of Securing Apache
* My Favorite Shareware or Freeware Intrusion Detection Utility 
  (but not Snort -- we've covered Snort sufficiently)

Storage -- September 2002
Proposals Due: May 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: June 3, 2002
* Low-Budget Data Storage Innovations 
* Unsung Techniques for Securing Archived Data 
* How I Solved a Complex Remote Storage Problem Without Spending 
* All My Employer's Money 
* Undocumented Techniques for Cross-Platform Data Storage 
* Highly Original Approaches to Fault Tolerance 

Database -- October 2002
Proposals Due: June 3, 2002
Manuscripts Due: July 1, 2002
* Optimizing Linux as a Data Server 
* Interfacing Oracle with Open Source 
* Highly Practical and Very Original Uses for MySQL 
* The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to My Database (and What I Did 
About It) 
* My Innovative Solution for Interfacing a Database with the Web 
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