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            June 2002 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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This issue of Sys Admin focuses on performance tuning and offers 
articles on topics such as managing bandwidth, troubleshooting an 
Oracle database, and tuning large Solaris servers. The Perl Journal 
supplement also appears with this issue of the magazine and features 
three excellent articles. Sean M. Burke provides the final part of 
his "resource locking" article, Kostas Pentikousis and Robert 
Rothenberg explain their spatial Web navigation system, and Derek 
Balling shows how to use Sendmail::Milter to filter your email. 

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief
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		The June issue contains:

Multi-Platform Performance Monitoring on the Cheap by Dale Southard
Southard describes how to collect and save group performance metrics 
in a simple form using syslog and some common UNIX utilities.

Tuning Large Solaris Servers by Bob Larson  
Larson takes us through several performance-related considerations 
for large Solaris servers and covers some of the most important 

Managing Bandwidth by Jonathan Kline 
Kline shows how to implement the bwmgr tool, which runs as a static 
kernel module on either Linux with kernel 2.4.x or FreeBSD 4.4.

Performance Tuning: A Case Study by Mark E.Dawson, Jr. 
Dawson troubleshoots some stability issues with an Oracle production 

RAM RAID: Improving Web Access by Bo Adler  
Adler performs some tests that show the viability of incorporating a 
ramdisk into a RAID-1 array.

Build a Scalable Search Engine with LISA by Robert J. Bond 3rd  
Bond shows how to build a lightweight search engine using MySQL and 
Perl on Solaris and Linux.


System Calls and the I/O Path by Henry Newman

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

Storage Consolidation - Part 1 - Design by Peter Baer Galvin
  The Perl Journal

Resource Locking Over Networks by Sean M. Burke  

Spatial Web Navigation with Perl by Kostas Pentikousis and Robert 

Using Sendmail::Milter to Tinker with Your Mail by Derek Balling  
With Sun Microsystem's Solaris[tm] 9 OE launch scheduled for May 22nd, 
BigAdmin[sm] site will feature important new Solaris 9 information and 
with the system administrator in mind.  Mark your calendars for May 
22nd and log 

Database -- October 2002
Proposals Due: June 3, 2002
Manuscripts Due: July 1, 2002
* Optimizing Linux as a Data Server 
* Interfacing Oracle with Open Source 
* Highly Practical and Very Original Uses for MySQL 
* The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to My Database (and What I Did 
About It) 
* My Innovative Solution for Interfacing a Database with the Web 

Interoperability -- November 2002
Proposals Due: July 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: August 1, 2002
* Useful Scripts for Heterogeneous Networks
* I Used UNIX (or Linux) When They Said I Needed Microsoft
* Interoperating UNIX with NetWare
* Uncorking WINE to Do Something Practical 
* Ingenious Uses for SAMBA

Networking -- December 2002 
Proposals Due: August 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: September 2, 2002
* Unheralded Freeware and Shareware Troubleshooting Tools for the 
*Interesting Case Studies in Network Configuration
* Homegrown Solutions for Enterprise Integration
*Tools for Emulating a Windows Domain Controller
*Why I Really Needed IPv6
The SANS Institute ( offers advanced training in 
information security.  Many of the recent classes have been quite full 
or completely sold out. The upcoming opportunities for smaller 
settings are:

Detroit, July 8,  
Marina del Rey, CA, July 13
San Antonic, July 15
Virginia Beach, July 21
St. Louis, August 4

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