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            July 2002 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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I've received some early results from Sys Admin magazine's most recent 
editorial survey. As I've mentioned in the past, we do not use an 
external service to perform this survey; we mail them and tally the 
responses ourselves. 

Overall, the survey results were gratifying in that we seem to be 
providing the information readers are looking for. The responses 
indicated that the technical level of articles is right on target. 
They also indicated that we provide an appropriate amount of 
coverage of readers' favorite topics, which are: security, performance 
tuning, scripting, and OS-specific administration. Specifically, for 
the second year in a row, respondents found Amy Rich's Q&A column the 
most useful of all the regular features in the magazine. You can check 
out Amy's July column below. 

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief
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		The July issue contains:

Expect: The Firefighter's Friend by Cameron Laird
Laird surveys the range of Expect uses, then describes ways Expect 
can solve one-time emergencies.

Compiling Palm Apps on Linux by Alex Lange  
This article describes how to compile a simple PQA on Linux using the 
public domain LinPQA compiler. Lange shows how to use LinPQA, then 
presents an example of a PQA-accessed application: a Web-based 
logfile viewer.

An Economical Scheme for Quasi Real-Time Backup by Leo Liberti and 
Franco Raimondi  
The authors describe the implementation of a quasi real-time backup 
scheme for high-availability systems that updates standby server's data 
disks at every specified time interval.

Building a Web Mail Server with SquirrelMail by Brent Bice  
Bice shows how to use SquirrelMail, an open source Web mail package 
written in PHP4.

Versatile Fault Management with Perl by Tim Shouldice  
In this article, the author examines fault management and its 
requirements, then shows how to build a complete solution using Perl.

Generating Passwords with by Matt Lesko  
Lesko shares a tool called, which can be used to 
generate passwords. 

Using Depot to Create a Centralized, Flexible, and Manageable Software 
by Bob Jobsky  
Jobsky outlines how to combine depot with the use of NFS, wrappers, 
and a chrooted environment to implement a very flexible UNIX software 

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

Storage Consolidation - Part 2 - Product Selection by Peter Baer Galvin

Parsing and Summarizing a Logfile by Randal L. Schwartz
Sun ONE WebCast
"On June 19th, Sun CEO Scott McNealy and software executives Jonathan
Schwartz and Anil Gadre will speak at Sun's first web-only product 
Technical tracks will address Sun's next generation software platform, 
the recently launched Solaris(TM) 9 Operating Environment. We will also 
unveiling the roadmap and strategy for other key components of our Sun 
software platform, including the Sun(TM)ONE Application Server, 
Portal Server, Sun(TM)ONE Studio and StarOffice(TM) product lines. 

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     **Solaris Supplement**
Proposals Due: June 18
Manuscripts Due: July 15

     Interoperability -- November 2002
Proposals Due: July 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: August 1, 2002

* Useful Scripts for Heterogeneous Networks
* I Used UNIX (or Linux) When They Said I Needed Microsoft
* Interoperating UNIX with NetWare
* Uncorking WINE to Do Something Practical
* Solving Storage Interoperability Issues

     Networking -- December 2002
Proposals Due: August 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: September 2, 2002

* Unheralded Freeware Troubleshooting Tools for the Network
* Homegrown Solutions for Enterprise Integration
* Tools for Emulating a Windows Domain Controller
* Why I Really Needed IPv6
* Implementing Secure Wireless Solutions

     Open Source -- January 2003
Proposals Due: September 2, 2002
Manuscripts Due: October 1, 2002

* Open Source in the Enterprise
* New Tips for Securing Linux
* Tuning Apache
* Advanced Open Source Techniques for Network Installation
* Undocumented (or Rarely Documented) Solutions with BSD
* My Favorite Unknown Open Source Utility (and How to Use It)
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