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                   The Sys Admin Newsletter
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            August 2002 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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Several articles in this issue of Sys Admin describe tools and 
for detecting whether your system has been cracked, and if so, what to 
A common thread throughout these articles is that much can be learned 
analyzing the features of such attacks. A company called, 
efforts are described in an article in this issue, assembles and 
detection log data from networks all over the world. The organization 
studies the data for unusual activity and attempts to identify patterns 
in Internet attacks. 

The upcoming September issue will include The Perl Journal and will 
articles from Sean M. Burke, who describes a recent localization 
Derek Vadala on parsing RSS files with XML::RSS, and Dan Brian 
Web services, Google, and the "What-Sucks-O-Meter". 

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief
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		The August issue contains:
SNAREing Intruders in Linux by Kristy Westphal
Westphal shows how to install SNARE, a host-based Linux Intrusion 
Detection System. She describes how to test it and suggest some 
practical uses for it.

Auditing Your Airspace by Tony Howlett 
Howlett describes Kismet, an open source auditing program that can 
help you catalog and test the security of all the wireless LANs within 
your company's perimeter.

Root Access Intrusion - A Suite of Tools by Rhonda Thorne  
Thorne presents a simple set of tools that can be implemented as a 
proactive measure of intrusion notification and investigation.

Administering a Distributed Intrusion Detection System 
by Johannes B. Ullrich and Wayne Larmon 
The authors describe's efforts to build a distributed 
intrusion detection system to gather and analyze logs from around 
the world. They address issues such as the scalability and agility 
of such a vast system. 

Detecting and Removing Trojan Horses on Linux by Rich Paredes  
This article shows how to detect Trojan horses on a Linux system and 
provides common-sense suggestions for dealing with them.


SNIPS by Ron McCarty

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

Volume Management and File Systems Usage and Implementation by Henry 

Storage Consolidation - Part 3 - Implementation Details by Peter Baer 
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     Networking -- December 2002
Proposals Due: August 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: September 2, 2002

* Unheralded Freeware Troubleshooting Tools for the Network
* Homegrown Solutions for Enterprise Integration
* Tools for Emulating a Windows Domain Controller
* Why I Really Needed IPv6
* Implementing Secure Wireless Solutions

     Open Source -- January 2003
Proposals Due: September 2, 2002
Manuscripts Due: October 1, 2002

* Open Source in the Enterprise
* New Tips for Securing Linux
* Tuning Apache
* Advanced Open Source Techniques for Network Installation
* Undocumented (or Rarely Documented) Solutions with BSD
* My Favorite Unknown Open Source Utility (and How to Use It)

     Web Admin -- February 2003
Proposals Due: October 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: November 1, 2002

* An Apache Trick You Haven't Seen
* Useful (and Secure) Scripts for Web Administration
* A Problem I Solved Using PHP
* Studies in Low-Budget E-Commerce
* Web Optimization: Practical Solutions You Won't Find in the Books
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