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            October 2002 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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Lately, it has seemed that researchers everywhere are developing 
technologies with the potential to change the world. Innovations 
such as an Interplanetary Internet, which would allow astronauts 
to be able to access the Internet, and the Semantic Web, which 
involves building a vast framework of metadata with which to catalog 
the Web, inspire great optimism for the future.

Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief

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	The October issue contains:

Using Oracle with Apache and PHP on Linux by William W. David
David outlines the steps needed to access Oracle databases from PHP 
running under Apache.

Log Management Using Apache::DBILogger by Chip Castle  
Castle shares a script for use with Apache::DBILogger for more 
effective management of server data.

PHP and MSSQL by Christian Wenz  
Wenz shows how to connect to an existing MSSQL installation in the 
network, then how to access this data source from within PHP.

Small Databases: From Desktop to Web Server by N. Dean Pentcheff  
Pentcheff describes a system by which those who maintain small 
databases can easily update Web versions.

mytop - A top-like Clone for MySQL by Werner Klauser  
Klauser shares a tool called mytop, a console-based tool that 
allows admins to monitor MySQL servers by viewing active threads, 
queries, and overall server performance numbers.

Optimizing Time to Completion with runmany by Bill Davidsen  
Davidsen describes "runmany", a Perl program that makes it easier 
to load-balance resources.

Exploring the Solaris Device Tree by Shaun Clowes  
Clowes examines the internals of the Solaris device tree and shows 
how to use the device tree to create special-purpose system tools.

NSRXREF - A Python Script for NSR Files by Paul Trout  
Trout shares a Python script called NSRXREF that reads Nessus results 
files and produces a set of HTML tables showing hosts and 

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Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

Volume Management and System Tuning by Henry Newman 

Open Shortest Path First Protocol by Ron McCarty

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	Web Admin -- February 2003
Proposals Due: October 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: November 1, 2002

* An Apache Trick You Haven't Seen
* Useful (and Secure) Scripts for Web Administration
* A Problem I Solved Using PHP
* Studies in Low-Budget E-Commerce
* Web Optimization: Practical Solutions You Won't Find in the Books

	Network Security -- March 2003
Proposals Due: November 1, 2002
Manuscripts Due: December 2, 2002

* Security Secrets of the Linux Kernel
* Emulating Windows Domain Security with Samba
* A Great Shareware Security Tool 
* Real-World Case Study: An Interesting Security Feature of Solaris 9
* Advanced Techniques for Securing OS X on Heterogeneous Networks
* I Thought My Network Was Secure and It Wasn't  

	Backup and Recovery -- April 2003

Proposals Due: December 2, 2002
Manuscripts Due: January 1, 2003

* Minimizing Bandwidth for Network Backup
* A Really Unusual (and Useful) Backup Script
* Multi-Platform Backup
* Economical Solutions for Offsite Live Backup
* Optimizing Database Storage
* Tips on SAN Management
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