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             January 2004 issue of Sys Admin Magazine


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January is traditionally our Open Source issue, and this year is no 
exception. In this issue, Ralf Spenneberg explains how to use 
User-Mode Linux (UML) to model a network and emulate a testbed 
for a VPN solution. John Berninger describes the "Current" project 
-- an open source update server for downloading and installing system 
updates and new packages for Red Hat Linux. Randal Schwartz, in his 
Perl Advisor column, explores the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network 
(CPAN) and shows how easy it can be to use and to contribute code. 

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Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief
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	The January 2004 issue contains:

Emulating Networks Using User-Mode Linux by Ralf Spenneberg
Spenneberg describes how to use User-Mode Linux (UML) to model a 
testbed for a VPN solution.

Current: An Open Source Update Server for Red Hat Linux by John 
Berninger covers deployment and maintenance of a Current server for 
downloading and installing system updates and new packages.

A Simple DNS-Based Approach for Blocking Web Advertising by Hal 
To reduce visual noise when surfing the Web, Pomeranz shows how to 
create bogus DNS zones to block Web advertising.

Python in Systems Administration: Part II -- Step up from Shell 
by Cameron Laird 
This second installment in Laird's series on Python explains the 
parallels between Python and Perl, then spotlights instances where 
Python might serve you better.

Managing System Identity with changeident by John Spurgeon and Ed 
In this article, the authors present a Korn shell application called 
changeident that automates the process of changing a system's identity.

Building a Web Log Rotation System by Reinhard Voglmaier 
Voglmaier shares some techniques for analyzing and successfully 
log files.

Rejecting Forged Email with Enhanced DNS by David Soble  
Soble discusses changes that could be made to the existing DNS and SMTP 
protocols to help prevent email abuse, particularly the problem of 
forged email.

Reindexing MRTG: An Ops Control Panel by Ben Stern  
Stern describes a new front-end for MRTG that provides a broad 
understanding of the state of the network.

Creating a Bootable Backup of a Linux Operating System by Newton Hammet 
Hammet shares a backup script,, that creates a bootable 
backup of his operating system.

RPKGADD: A Remote Package Management Tool for Solaris by Adam Ronthal 
Ronthal describes a Korn shell script developed to efficiently 
and install Solaris packages on a large number of machines.


Sharing Open Source Code Through the CPAN by Randal L. Schwartz

Questions and Answers by Amy Rich

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Sys Admin is always looking for articles that can help you tweak your 
sharpen your scripting skills, and build a plan to succeed. We're 
looking for 
articles on advanced administration topics, and the issue themes for 
the next 
few months include Security, Performance Tuning, Storage, and 
Networking. If you 
have tips for success in these or other areas, share that knowledge 
with your 
peers through an article in Sys Admin. Please send article proposals to 
Admin's managing editor, Rikki Endsley at: 
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