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Subject: Sys Admin Magazine -- December 22, 2003 News and Reviews
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                 Sys Admin Magazine -- News and Reviews
                          December 22, 2003


Jabber/XMPP will be the first, full-featured instant messaging 
protocol to be ratified by the IETF. The champion of XMPP and Jabber 
is Jabber Inc., and their flagship product is the Jabber XCP server. 
In this Web-exclusive review, Marcel Gagné tests out the current 
incarnation, version 2.7.2.  

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Review: Jabber XCP: Version 2.7.2 
Review by Marcel Gagné 

As the advantages of electronic mail continue to get muddied by the 
ever increasing bulk of spam, businesses and organizations are looking 
at many solutions. Some of these solutions are aimed at controlling 
spam with the use of intelligent agents and filters, while others 
look to different alternatives that have nothing to do with email. 
One such alternative is Instant Messaging, commonly referred to as IM. 

Instant messaging remains extremely popular with the younger generation 
and friends looking for casual, always-on conversation, but it is 
increasingly moving into the corporate network structure. With instant 
messaging, you can be in constant touch with your fellow workers and 
team members, vendors and clients, even if those people are scattered 
in offices around the globe. It's a nearly perfect means of 
communication for people on the move. Plug in, get online, and you are 
immediately available, wherever you are. 

The problem with IM is that there are a number of different providers 
and protocols. There's Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and others. Which do you 
choose? One protocol that stands out is Jabber, for its open XML 
architecture using the industry standard extensible messaging and 
presence protocol, or XMPP. The advantage of this is clear in that 
your business won't get locked down by proprietary formats. You may 
not know this, given the popularity of some of the other protocols I 
mentioned, but Jabber is already in use by millions of people 
worldwide and is currently under final review by the IETF (Internet 
Engineering Task Force) for ratification. Once the process is complete, 
Jabber/XMPP will be the first, full-featured IM protocol to be ratified 
by the IETF. 

The champion of XMPP and Jabber is Jabber Inc., and their flagship 
product is the Jabber XCP server. The current incarnation, reviewed 
here, is 2.7.2. 

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