TechRepublic Presents your NETADMIN REPUBLIC NETNOTE E-NEWSLETTER for May 1, 2002 <---------------Advertisement---------------> Oracle9i Real Application Clusters on Compaq Clustered Systems. Unbreakable. Minimize planned and unplanned downtime. Learn how to increase profitability and reduce management costs with our FREE Cluster Success Kit, available when you register at <-------------------------------------------> USE FIRESTARTER TO BUILD A LINUX FIREWALL SET UP A LINUX FIREWALL WITH EASE USING FIRESTARTER Linux firewalls offer a robust, secure, and highly flexible solution. However, manually configuring them is generally quite labor-intensive--until now. See how Firestarter can help you build an excellent Linux firewall in minutes. ICCP OFFERS SOLID VENDOR-NEUTRAL IT CERTIFICATION You may not have heard of ICCP, but the organization has been around for years and offers some excellent vendor-neutral certs. Its CCP cert requires IT experience and provides specialization in systems management and programming, among other key areas. MICROSOFT PATCHES 10 NEW IIS VULNERABILITIES Keeping up with software updates and patches is always a challenging task, especially if you have IIS Web servers--a favorite hacker target. Get the latest on 10 new critical IIS flaws. ---------------------------------------- TAKE OUR WINDOWS 2000 SERVER INSTALLATION POP QUIZ As companies replace their network operating systems with Windows 2000 Server, it's becoming essential for administrators to know how to install it. Take our short quiz to see if you understand the basics of a Win2K Server install. ---------------------------------------- BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ARE YOU READY FOR WINDOWS .NET SERVER? Microsoft's latest NOS, Windows .NET Server, is due out later this year, and it contains some important changes that administrators need to be aware of. Here's an inside look. IT PRO VALUES LESSONS LEARNED AS A SCHOOL VOLUNTEER If you find your network administration skills valued outside of the workplace, you'll relate with this week's From the Trenches column. Follow Bob as he builds a LAN for his daughter's school and learns some new skills along the way. ------------------------------------------ IT PRODUCT ALERT DON'T GET BURNED WITHOUT A FIREWALL Your office PC is safely tucked behind the network firewall, but what about your personal system? You can fortify the home front with Norton Personal Firewall 2002. For buying information, visit CNET's ---------------------------------------- TODAY AT TECHREPUBLIC LEGAL DISCLAIMERS PROVIDE E-MAIL INFO SECURITY Disclaimers in e-mail messages are a common sight today. Legal advisors often require companies to use them to secure valuable data. Learn more about these important signature add-ons and how to support them. APPS4BIZ BRINGS AUTOMATION TO SMALL BUSINESS By focusing on a narrow slice of the small-business market, apps4biz has survived and thrived as an ASP. The company has used the tactics of its target market to succeed by keeping its applications simple and selling through trusted channels. WHERE DO YOU LIVE ALONG THE BELL CURVE? Many college instructors set grades on the curve. But did you know that some employers are using a similar grading system during the job interview? Columnist Nick Corcodilos offers advice on how to use the curve to hire high achievers. ---------------------------------------- NOVELL'S NOS PACKS A POWERFUL PUNCH With NetWare, Novell in essence became the architect of corporate PC networking. Sign up for our NetWare TechMail, delivered Mondays and Thursdays, and we'll fill you in on the latest advances in directory services, data storage, and much more. Sign up instantly! ------------------------------------------ This e-newsletter may contain links to sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. CNET Networks, Inc. is not responsible for the content of any such third-party site. Questions or comments: Visit TechRepublic Copyright 2002 CNET Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. TechRepublic is a registered trademark of CNET Networks, Inc. TechRepublic Logo is a trademark of CNET Networks, Inc.