Subject: Announcement: Think-Linux The Solutions Show!
From:"Glenn Jacobson" <>
Date: 18 Oct 2002 13:24:20 -0400
Included is an updated Announcement for the most exciting Linux show 
yet, a link to the Show's Web Site and a pdf attachment that can be 
used as an Announcement and poster.  The pdf can be printed in color 
or black and white.

If you think that you've seen this before, take a look at the Web Site
to see the Companies (IBM & HP etc.) and Organizations that will be 
Conference presentations, and those who have signed up for the 
Then consider the mixing of Halloween with the Exhibition, and you've 
one heck of a show.  It is still growing the Web Site for


You are invited to Toledo, Ohio at the end of October for the largest
and only Linux Conference & Exhibition in the Midwest.  The show has 
been expanded from the successful Linux Expos held in Toledo during the 
last two years. It will be held on Wednesday Oct 30th and Thursday Oct 

Because of Toledo's location in the auto manufacturing heartland, the
largest transportation hub in the country, it has become a hot bed of 
Linux development and a leader in the adaption of the Linux platform. 

Since the use of Linux has expanded exponentially and has become more
mainstream, the show has changed this year to showcase solutions.  This
has been done to provide a venue for management personnel to see real
Linux solutions in action.  At the Wednesday Conference, attendees will
see Linux solutions that have already been installed at business sites
and can talk directly with actual customers that have made the
transition to Linux. 

On Thursday, October 31, exhibit booths will highlight Linux vendors 
provide software, hardware and services.  The event will also have .org
booths to demonstrate Open Source software.  Note some of the new Linux
VAR's and networking companies who will be at this show that have never
been at any other Linux show in the US.

Please visit the Think-Linux web site at to
find out more about this exciting event. 

Pricing Summary 
Conference/Exhibit Attendee's: $125 

Exhibit Attendees Only: $25. 

If you do not wish to receive further correspondence regarding this 
event, please contact me and we will not contact you again.  You can 
reply to the sender of this message or phone number listed in the 
signature block. 

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"Think-Linux" The Solutions Show
October 30-31, 2002, Toledo OH