From:"Marsee Henon" <>
Subject: User Group members can "Go on Safari" with O'Reilly
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 18:01:51 -0700
Hello User Group Leader,

We are offering you a chance to "Go On Safari" with another cool
promotion for the O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf. If your group
participates, your Safari reviewer will get a free one-year 
subscription to Safari.

Here's how it works:

1-Post a Safari announcement
Post a Safari banner ad on your user group web site, and/or run
an announcement for your members in a print or email newsletter or on
your email discussion list. The banner ads are available at the Safari
User Group Resource page at (After
you have completed this step, please send an email with the URL or copy
of the Safari announcement to

2-Pick a reviewer
A member of your user group (you or someone you designate)reviews
Safari. That person will get a free one-year subscription if they
publish a review of Safari within 60 days of opening their account. 
(It can be published in your newsletter, on your web site or email 
list, or in another publication altogether; please send reviews to when they are completed.)

Once you've chosen your Safari reviewer, please send me an email
( with the subject heading "Safari Subscription,"
listing your reviewer's name, address, email, and user group. If
someone other than your reviewer should receive the banner ad or
announcement text, please include that in your email. Your reviewer
will receive a Safari Welcome email containing their user name and
password within a week.

About the O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf:
If you're not yet familiar with the O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf,
it's worth a look. With Safari, you can access over 2,000 technical
books from the top technical book publishers--O'Reilly (of course),
Pearson, and Microsoft Press. There is an extremely cool search
capability that allows you to search through all 2,000+ books for the
answer you need--or even code samples--in minutes. Check it out at:

We're looking forward to hearing what you think of Safari.