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Subject: EXTRA! Vol. 3, Issue 23
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                         UNIXREVIEW.COM EXTRA!
                           Volume 3, Issue 23
                             June 5, 2002

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PROGNOSIS from Integrated Research gives you the power to 
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THIS WEEK on UnixReview

CrossOver Office
Review by Marcel Gagne
Linux-loving Marcel shares his experience with CrossOver Office, a 
product designed to tackle the number one reason why users say they 
can't switch to Linux: MS Office apps.

Certification Scope: A First Look at CIW Certifications
by Emmett Dulaney
Emmett provides an overview of the Certified Internet Webmaster program 
and the types of certification that are available through this series.

Zope Roundup
Review by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
Zonker checks out offerings from No Starch Press and New Riders to see 
who's got the dope on Zope.

Getting Content Under Control and Survival Gear for Web Masters
by Steve Spicklemire et al.
In this two-chapter excerpt from Zope: Web Application Development 
and Content Management, the authors share insights on constructing 
a content management system, setting up virtual hosts in Apache, 
and securing your site with SSL. 


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Online Privacy Conference, and Secure i-World Expo.  In San Diego, 
August 19-21, 2002, (optional workshops August 17, 18, 21, and 22). 

Attend either conference and the expo, or upgrade to a Gold Pass for 
access to all three events. 

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