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Subject: EXTRA! Volume 3, Issue 32
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 07:58:27 -0700
                         UNIXREVIEW.COM EXTRA!
                           Volume 3, Issue 32
                             August 6, 2002
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PROGNOSIS from Integrated Research gives you the power to 
manage any server or application, from any point on your 
network - seamlessly across UNIX, Linux and Windows. It's 
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BRU v17.0: Reliable Backup 
Review by Jon Holman   
Holman determines whether v17.0 continues the tradition of reliable 
offerings from BRU.

Examining the CIW Server Administrator Exam 
by Emmett Dulaney   
Dulaney examines the CIW Server Administrator exam (1D0-450), the 
step in the journey toward certification as a Master CIW Administrator.

Linux and Windows 2000 Integration Toolkit: A Complete Resource 
Review by Emmett Dulaney   
How complete is this "complete resource"? Find out in Dulaney's review.

Storage Consolidation - Part 2 - Product Selection
by Peter Baer Galvin   
Part 2 discusses product selection. There is quite a bit to consider 
about storage arrays, SAN switches, and tape drives and libraries. 
The wrong choices among those options could cause serious pain in 
your SAN down the road.

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