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Subject: EXTRA! Vol. 3, Issue 42
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 06:56:54 -0700
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          October 16, 2002                   Volume 3, Issue 42
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Review: Mac Users Get the Goods! Yellow Dog Linux v2.3 
Review by Jon Holman
Running open source software on a Mac is a different animal -- almost 
like an x86, but not quite. Configuring new hardware has always been a
problem in Linux; it is now compounded for the Mac user. Yellow Dog 
Linux (YDL) has built this port of Linux with the hardware of current 
in mind, such as the iMac and the G4. 

Regular Expressions: Be Good to Your Objects 
By Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Object orientation (OO) isn't the silver bullet it was advertised to be 
about a decade ago. In fact, there are plenty of programmers who say 
ready to abandon it for either a more procedural or functional style. 
Before you stop doing OO, though, consider a few ways you might do it 

Book Review: The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of 
Reviewed by Ben Rothke
Kevin Mitnick says "the term 'social engineering' is widely used within 
the computer security community to describe the techniques hackers use 
deceive a trusted computer user within a company into revealing 
information, or trick an unsuspecting mark into performing actions that 
create a security hole for them to slip through." It's suitable that 
once vilified for his cracking exploits, has written a book about the 
element of social engineering -- that most subtle of information 
security threats. 

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Featured speakers include Robert Love, Rasmus Lerdorf and J. P. Lewis. 
See your favorite Linux and Open Source Software Vendors.
Meet the local area Linux users groups. 

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