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Subject: EXTRA! Vol. 3, Issue 45
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          November 5, 2002                   Volume 3, Issue 45
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Examining the New LPI Level One Exams 
by Emmett Dulaney
The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is one of a few vendors offering 
certification in vendor-neutral Linux. The grand scheme of their plan 
is to offer certification at three levels, with each level requiring 
passage of two exams (and higher level certifications require 
at all lower levels). Since the release of the Level Two exams (Level 
is still under development) about a year ago, LPI has doubled back and 
chosen to revisit and revise their Level One exams. 

Review: Share360 Web-Based Collaboration Application 
by Jon Holman
Cybozu has come of age with its fifth generation suite of collaboration 
and information-sharing applications. The price of the whole suite is 
pretty salty, but some of the real-time information-sharing 
and ease of use makes this a must have for a small company looking for 
good organizational tool, or for a company looking for a turnkey 
solution. Cybozu has recently cut a deal with Internet appliance maker 
Celestix to provide software for the small server, which is a perfect 

Book Review: Perl for Web Site Management
by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
If there's a Perl niche that O'Reilly hasn't yet covered, I'm not sure 
it would be. Perl for Web Site Management is a recent Perl title from 
aimed at giving would-be Webmasters a full arsenal to help manage Web 


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