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Subject: EXTRA! Vol. 4, Issue 6
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 07:12:00 -0700
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             February 12, 2003           Volume 4, Issue 6
Ready to go PAPERLESS? 
Cardinal captures reports from UNIX, Mainframe, Midrange and other 
legacy systems. Reports can be modified, imported into popular formats 
such as Word, PDF & Excel and then automatically distributed via 
"We tested Cardinal out and made the decision to purchase it within a 
week," says Skip Dauray of Genzyme.

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Regular Expressions: Web Scraping Is Easy
by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
There's an abundance of confusion in the area of Web Scraping. Laird 
and Soraiz clear up some of the misconceptions.

Book Review: Linux System Administration
by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
Linux systems administration books range from excellent to horrible, 
with a lot falling somewhere in between. According to Zonker, Linux 
System Administration falls in the middle, but not as close to 
as one might hope.  

Tool of the Month: Playing Requests
by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier 
By reader request, Zonker discusses a network sniffer and a Linux 
distribution that deletes information from hard drives. 

How reliable is your backup solution? 
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Teradactyl provides network backup systems for distributed storage 
environments. The True incremental Backup System (TiBS), features our 
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IT systems by reusing data already on backup servers. 

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