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Subject: EXTRA! Vol. 4, Issue 11
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                March 17, 2003           Volume 4, Issue 11
Why GREENBAR when you can EXCEL? 
Cardinal captures reports from UNIX, Mainframe, Midrange and other 
legacy systems. Reports can be automatically modified, imported into 
popular formats such as Excel and then distributed via e-mail. “We run 
Cardinal 24 hours a day, safe in the knowledge that the software will 
complete its task” said Skip Dauray of Genzyme.

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Book Review: Honeypots: Tracking Hackers
by Russell Dyer
The network security community really needed a book on honeypots. 
Before Lance Spitzner's book, there wasn't much to be found on 
the subject. Russell reviews this books, and gets some input 
from the author.

Regular Expressions: Catching Up
by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
This is the somewhat-annual "catching-up" installment of 
Regular Expressions, where the authors briefly mention a few of 
the great stories they haven't had time or space to cover. 

Review: Improving the Windows Experience with Cygwin, Version 1.3.20
Review by Marcel Gagné
Long-time Unix and Linux users realize that sometimes nothing 
beats the power of the shell, not to mention the bevy of tools 
that the *nix environment provides. This is where Cygwin shows its 
power. Cygwin is actually a collection of GNU tools ported to 
Windows, which is done through the use of a Cygwin runtime library. 
Using Cygwin, a developer can use Cygwin's runtime (or the Win32 API), 
the gcc compiler, and accompanying debugging tools, to port Unix 
and Linux software to Windows. 

Book Review: Mastering Perl/Tk
by Cameron Laird
Information Technology is a fashion industry in that the technical 
merit determines no more of a product or idea's popularity than do 
historical accidents and marketing. Perl/Tk is one of the neglected 
technologies that deserves wider recognition. It fits the needs and 
background of many programmers who simply don't understand its 
availability. Mastering Perl/Tk is helping correct that neglect. 

The RSA Conference is the leading, most prestigious e-security event of
the year. If your organization is deploying, developing or 
data security or cryptography products, you can't afford to miss this
show. Now in its 12th year, the RSA Conference delivers more learning,
networking and demo opportunities than any other security gathering. 
RSA Conference offers access to the best and the brightest in the
industry, with decision makers networking with technology legends. 

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