Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:38:19 +0000,,,,
Subject: URGENT! Looking for help....

Feel free to relay this message to anyone who might be helpful

Dear EVERY Linux user,
  I am Project Manager from, we aim to build the best 
website for beginner and we are looking for PT/FT/volunteering 
webmaster in help 
building our website.Terms negotiable.
(S/he should know PHP,  Java and MySQL)

  We are one of kind website since:
1. We are commercial Linux advocate, which means we do more than mere 
2. To reward and encourage creativity, We contribute back to the 
community by donating a fix percentage of revenue to maker of our 
3. To faciliate the process of development, We provide Project Area as 
a free
resource for all developer, and a place to sell their product if they 
like to.
4. Knowing that technical support is cruical to keep the customer using 
we aim to provide 24/7 support;
5. We strictly abide by our Social Contact, we only do what we believe 
beneficial to society
6. We are very eager to experiment with new ideas, thoughts and 
7. It is in our plan to be fully-community-driven, everyone works and 

Thanks in advance ,
Kim Ho Cheung
(Euler Cheung)
Project Manager
CPL Electronic Ltd.
Hong Kong