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May 2001
Volume 1, Issue 1

Greetings MIKE, welcome to the first issue of ProductLine! You have received this newsletter because of your subscription to a magazine previously operated by VA Linux, Open Magazine. We hope you find this regular update about our products and services valuable and informative.


More NAS - Less Cost The new high performance, high density VA Linux 9450 NAS scales VA Linux 9450 NASfrom 180GB to 6.6TB in a 26U rack. And it includes the free, open source, VA Linux NetAttach v3.0 management software, with a Logical Volume Manager, snapshot capability, journalled file system, remote web-based management and more. For a great NAS with free software, click here.

The "Best Linux Web Server" Gets Even Better Presenting the next generation of the Linux web servers Linux Journal called the best in the industry. VA Linux 2251 Namely, the new VA Linux 2200 Series (2231, 2241 and 2251). With up to two 1GHz Intel® Pentium® III processors, up to four gigabytes of 133Mhz SDRAM and up to five hot-swappable Ultra 160 SCSI drives (365GB), the new 2200 Series seriously ups the 2U standard. To see how we made the best Linux web servers even better, click here.

Everything You Asked for in a 1U Server Our customers have been asking for a 1U server with pluggable or hot-swappable (with RAID) drives. So that's what the new VA Linux 1221VA Linux 1221 general purpose Linux server delivers. Along with dual processors, two 64/66 PCI slots, three 10/100 Ethernet ports and VACM remote management. So if you're among the many who asked for hot-swappable drives, click here and you shall receive.

Your Cluster is Under New Management VA Linux Cluster Management System (VACM 2.0) enables the remote monitoring and management of hundreds of servers, whether in one data center location or many throughout the world. VACM sweeps each server for VACM 2.0complete status information and displays it in simple GUI format. And it provides full management capabilities, including individual node power control and serial console re-direct. So before you have to make another midnight run to your data center, click here.

Show Me the Cluster! Now VA Linux Systems will loan you a demo cluster. For free. The cluster, a 4-node model 1220, dual 1 GHZ cluster with the VA100 and VACM installed, is available to demonstrate VA's cluster management as well as benchmark customer's specific loads. Shipped in a rack with an HP ProCurve switch, Cyclades terminal server, VACM and SystemImager, VA can pre-install and pre-configure the system as a webserver farm, scientific cluster, compute name it. Available to qualified respondents, of course. Click here to see if you are qualified.

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