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Subject: FREE Technical White Paper - Building an E-Commerce Trust Infrastructure
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Figuring out the nuts and bolts of setting up your e-commerce site and
accepting online payments can be time-consuming and complex.

Now let VeriSign help you understand this process-with our new FREE
TECHNICAL White Paper at 

You'll learn how VeriSign's SSL Server IDs and Payment Gateway 
Services let you provide: 

* Authentication - Assure your customers that your site is 
* Confidentiality - Keep sensitive web transactions and 
  communications private.
* Data Integrity - Protect data transmission from 
  third-party alterations.
* Nonrepudiation - Validate transactions to authenticate your  
  customers' intent.
* Payment Gateway - Process credit card transactions in real-time!

Get the e-Payment-enabling TECHNICAL solutions you need. Go to now for your
FREE Technical White Paper.


The Internet Trust Company

P.S. Bring the latest technological solutions to your company 
with our new FREE White Paper, "Building an E-Commerce Trust 
Infrastructure". Check it out today at
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