From:"The VMware Team" <>
Subject: VMware ACE Now Available
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 23:14:00 -0800 (PST)
VMware is proud to announce the availability of our newest product, 
VMware ACE(TM). 

VMware ACE is the perfect solution for provisioning isolated, secure,
and standardized PC environments.  With VMware ACE, you can: 

* Simplify desktop support and management by using a consistent and 
secure PC 
environment across all enterprise PCs

* Reduce security risk from unmanaged and unsecured PCs used by remote 
and contractors to access IT resources

* Secure enterprise information with seamless encryption and built-in 
protection controls

* Improve the cost-effectiveness of enterprise PCs by eliminating 
hardware-dependent PC images and streamlining support and maintenance

For a free trial and to learn more about VMware ACE, go to:

You may be asking, “Which VMware desktop product should I buy?”. If
you’re a technical user and need to build and network multiple virtual
machines on a single PC, then VMware Workstation is probably right for
you. If you’re an IT desktop administrator that manages PCs used by
employees and contractors, then VMware ACE is the best solution for
you. To learn more about which product is right for you, please visit:

VMware Workstation to VMware ACE Software Exchange Program
If you are a current VMware customer running more than 10 VMware
Workstations and would benefit from the capabilities of VMware ACE, for
a limited time you can exchange your VMware Workstation licenses for
VMware ACE licenses.  For details of the Workstation to VMware ACE
Software Exchange Program, go to:

Try VMware ACE today. Go to for 
information and a 30-day trial, and assume control of your company PC 

Best Regards,

The VMware Team

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