Subject: VMware LUG Program
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 14:41:05 -0800 (PST)
Dear Mike Swier,

This email is your official notification of acceptance into the VMware
Linux User Group Program. As a LUG president, you qualify for a free
copy of VMware Workstation. 

B. As an added bonus, if you email us with the names and email
addresses of your user group members (with their permission, of
course), your LUG members will be eligible for a special $100 rebate on
purchases of VMware Workstation. 

C. In the next 45 days, we'll also be providing you with a referral
code. This code will both provide your colleagues and clients with a
5% discount off of VMware Workstation, and provide you with 15 VMware 
Points when they purchase it on our web site.
Approximately every 6 weeks, we'll send you a statement of your points 
earned, at which point
you can redeem them for various products and merchandise. 

Once again, thanks for joining the program! 

The VMware Team
Anyone interested in this offer please email me your contact info they need and I'll pass it along. Please inclue which offer.