Subject: RE: VMware LUG Promotion
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 11:21:59 -0800
From:"VMware LUG Team" <>
To:"Mike Swier" <>

The survey is now available online.  Please go to to sign up for the 
Please remember to send us a list of names/email addresses for all in 
LUG who would like to receive a $100 rebate (please ask your members 
permission before giving us their info!). 

Best Regards,
The VMware Team
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From: Mike Swier []
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 5:31 PM
To: VMware LUG Team
Subject: Re: VMware LUG Promotion

We are very interested in your offer.
Please send us any free offers and info.

Mike Swier (NWCLUG)
1200 W. Algonquin Rd.
Palatine, IL 60067

Please let us know if there is anything else you need
from us.

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text/plain; charset=us-asciiContent-Transfer-Encoding:
7bitAs the President or primary contact of your local
Linux User's Group(LUG), we'd like to give you a free
copy of VMware Workstation, and make an offer to the
members of your LUG.We recognize you're on the
forefront of developments in information technology,
and your colleagues depend on you for guidance in
criticalsystems education and decisions.We'd like to
thank you for the support you've shown VMware in the
past,and continue to assist you in your mission.We're
pleased to announce a special program for the
benefitof LUG presidents and members.
a limited time, we would like to give you a fully
functionallicensed copy of VMware Workstation,
In return we ask only that you fill out the attached
survey and that if you appreciate the product and its
capabilities, you recommend VMware products to your
clients, colleagues, user group, feature the VMware
logo on your website, and generally endorse us.  You
may fill out the survey electronically and email it to
us at or fax it to us at 650-618-2723
along with your contact information (name,
organization, address, city, state, zip, email). 
Outside of the US, please fax to
addition, we would like to provide your LUG members
with a similar benefit. If you send us a list of your
members' names and email addresses (with their
permission!), when they support our Linux development
efforts by purchasing a copy of VMware Workstation, we
will send them a $100 rebate.  The program for Linux
group members will begin on December 22,
the next 6 weeks, we'll also be providing all
registrants with a referral code. This code will both
provide your colleagues with a 5% discount off of
VMware Workstation and provide you with 15 VMware
Points when they purchase it on our web site.
Approximately every 6 weeks, we'll send you a
statement of your points earned, at which point you
can redeem them for various product and merchandise.
*****************************Please make sure your LUG
is listed at or so we can
verify your status asa user
group.*****************************Best Regards,The
VMware Team<snip>