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Subject: VMware Workstation News, Issue No. 37, 2004
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 23:08:14 -0800 (PST)

--------------------- In this Issue ------------------------------
1. Announcing VMware ACE
2. GSX Server Pricing Changes
3. VMworld 2004-A Huge Success!
4. VMware User Groups 
5. VMware Programs and Special Offers 
6. VMware RSS Trial
7. SPECIAL FEATURE: VMware Community Technical News

1. Announcing VMware ACE
VMware ACE(tm) solves the problem of how to standardize, secure, and
provision PC environments throughout the extended enterprise. VMware
ACE installs easily and improves the manageability, security and 
cost-effectiveness of any industry-standard PC. Using VMware ACE, IT 
desktop managers can create an isolated PC environment known as an
"assured computing environment" for applying enterprise IT policies 
to a virtual machine containing an operating system, enterprise 
applications, and data. If you're managing remote users, contractors,
consultants or telecommuter PCs, then ACE is for you.
Find out more about VMware ACE.

2. GSX Server Pricing Changes
We've listened. VMware has reduced the price of GSX Server(tm). GSX 
has long been the most proven and capable hosted server virtualization
product. Our new pricing will help you deploy virtual infrastructure as 
widely as possible in your environment. VMware changed GSX Server 
effective November 11, 2004.
* GSX Server licensing will be available with two license levels
* GSX Server 2-CPU license: $1,400
* GSX Server unlimited CPU license which supports systems with up to
32 CPUs: $2,800
* GSX Server 2-CPU to Unlimited CPU upgrade: $1,400

3. VMworld 2004-A Huge Success!
Thank you to all who attended VMworld(tm) 2004 in San Diego, California
on October 18 and 19. VMware hosted more than 1,600 attendees from 27
countries at our first-annual user conference, VMworld 2004. Under the
theme, "Join the Virtual Evolution," participants gathered at VMworld 
to focus on building solutions that address challenges faced by IT
professionals and ways in which VMware software can help them meet 
Each day consisted of general sessions and breakout sessions led by
VMware technical experts, customers, product managers, consultants and
partners-and featured real-world examples of how VMware software and
virtual infrastructure are transforming the enterprise. Refer to the
VMware Community Technical Newsletter (below) for more information on
viewing select VMworld Conference Proceedings.

4. VMware User Groups 
Sharing information with other VMware users is one of the best ways to
learn best practices and to get the most out of your VMware 
Now with the launch of the VMware User Group program you can meet 
professionals in your area. VMware user groups are made up of 
communities of local VMware users who get together to exchange ideas 
information. There are many benefits to participating in a VMware 
user group: 

* Learn best practices and optimal use of VMware products 
* Get answers, advice, tips, and suggestions from experts 
* Discover new ideas and gain insight about virtual infrastructure 
* Receive special information about new VMware products 
* Participate in early-access beta programs 
* Network with other technical professionals in your area 

Interested in joining or starting a local VMware user group?

5. VMware Programs and Special Offers 
Want to further evangelize VMware? We're pleased to announce free and
discounted Workstation pricing for the following groups: 

* MCTs 
* Linux user groups 
* Academic professors and IT staff 
To learn more about current VMware promotions, 

ALSO, take advantage of the VMware referral program! 
Due to overwhelming requests by customers, VMware is pleased to 
the VMware Referral Program. The program rewards you with VMware
products and merchandise, and gives your friends a discount on their
Workstation purchases. 

For more information on the VMware referral program,

6. VMware RSS Trial
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content
distribution. VMware is launching a RSS trial for customers interested
in receiving regular updates and news from VMware without relying on
email. For more information about RSS and subscribing to VMware RSS
feeds, go to:

7. SPECIAL FEATURE: VMware Community Technical News

Welcome to the first excerpt of the upcoming VMware Community
Technical Newsletter.

This newsletter will provide a monthly summary of technical news,
information, and resources from VMware-new product announcements, new
technical papers and self-help support resources, and what's happening
in virtual infrastructure. Our goal is to facilitate your success in
learning about virtual infrastructure and using VMware products
and technologies.

The VMware Community will publish this newsletter to VMware Community
members. To receive future editions, please join the VMware Community 

We hope you will find this newsletter useful and informative.
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The VMware Community Team


Introducing the VMware Community
On October 27, VMware launched the VMware Community, a new online user
community that provides a single point of access for technical 
about VMware products and enables VMware users to interact with each
other. Community features include technical discussion forums, a 
base of support information, new documentation and technical paper
libraries, and information about local user groups.
Learn more:

VMworld Conference Proceedings
The slides from selected VMworld 2004 conference sessions are now
available online in the VMware Community. Each session posting includes
a discussion forum, so you can post comments and observations about the
sessions. The proceedings are only available to VMware Community 
so join today.
To view the proceedings:

Microsoft Support Statement
VMware addresses questions of support for Microsoft software running
in VMware virtual machines and offers resolution paths.
To view the support statement:

VMware Introduces International Toll Free Access For Customers 
Are you an international customer looking for toll-free access to our
expert support engineers? Toll free numbers are now available for 
in 22 countries and more countries will be added, as demand requires.
Learn more:

VMware Support Enjoys Growth Spurt
VMware's technical support organization is growing rapidly to better
serve our user community. Not only has the support team expanded
significantly in size recently, we've also opened a new East Coast 
center this quarter. In addition, we are in the process of establishing 
new support center in Europe. The network of these centers will provide
time-zone optimized coverage to our customers worldwide and will lay 
foundation for local language support. Other initiatives, which are 
targeted for roll out in Q1, are aimed to provide higher level of 
including reduced response and resolution time for production 

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