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Volume 2, Issue 4


Welcome to the April Xandros Newsletter!


This month's highlights: the award-winning Xandros Server, LinuxWorld Toronto, and a special offer exclusively for our newsletter subscribers.


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The latest reviews and articles about Xandros

Xandros targets wider SMB market with Linux server OS

"Now the company is jumping deeper into the operating system sales war by introducing Xandros Server Standard Edition software next month. Its goal is to try to capture a heftier chunk of the SMB marketplace..."


Xandros Desktop 3.0 Business Edition

"If you're worried that users won't be able to adjust to a Linux desktop, given their Windows mindset, then Xandros is the way to go. In fact, there are very few differences between a Xandros desktop and Windows 2000. "





Open Circulation Edition
The unique Managed Community approach and full suite of services earned Xandros Server the Product Excellence Award for Best Integration Solution, beating out competing products from Novell and Centeris. The award represents a significant victory for Xandros in our progression towards offering end-to-end, Debian-based Linux business solutions.

Based upon a unique workflow-driven, best-practices based Managed Community architecture, Xandros Server automates administrative tasks and provides a simple, centralized approach to remotely administering a multi-server environment.

Xandros Server will be available May 1. For more information, visit

Special Newsletter Offer
HatAre you a proud Xandros user? Show your friends with new Xandros Gear! Xandros now offers a variety of T-shirts, baseball caps and golf shirts.

Get 10% off any purchase of Xandros Merchandise all this month with our special offer exclusively for newsletter subscribers. Just use coupon code DJSH34sD at checkout (enter the code after you enter your credit card, but before you confirm your order)

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Open Circulation Edition
Deutsche Gratis CDWe are excited to announce a partnership with Tolis Group that offers the ultra-reliable BRU Backup Server as a service within the new Xandros Server.

The integrated BRU Server delivers unparalleled client-server backup and restore reliability. BRU was the first non-development end-user application available for Linux users in 1994 (kernel 0.99pl12) and continues its data protection leadership across Linux systems to this day.

Xandros Server combined with the powerful, integrated BRU Backup Server meets the demands of the enterprise and delivers ease-of-use, essential to small and medium businesses.

Learn more about BRU and the complete suite of Xandros Server's services at

Open Circulation Edition
Deutsche Gratis CDAs Xandros readies the new Xandros Server for launch, we are excited to announce a new partnership offering tremendous additional value. Last week Xandros announced an agreement with RealNetworks, enabling Xandros Server to be the first Linux OS to include RealMedia Encoding and Helix Media Streaming. The incorporation of RealProducer and Helix Server empowers Xandros Server customers to produce and deliver the highest quality streaming audio and video to wired and wireless devices.

From Universities offering distance learning online to businesses delivering corporate training and customer marketing communications, Xandros Server customers can harness the power of streaming media and Linux.

Learn more about BRU and the complete suite of Xandros Server's services at

LinuxWorld Boston and Toronto

Xandros invites you to visit us at LinuxWorld Toronto on April 24-26. Stop by the booth to preview the new Xandros Server, pick up Xandros gear, and win Xandros Software and cool prizes.


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