Possible topics for discussion

The Kernal
Backup and Recovery
Other mail servers (postfix, squirrel,etc)
Dynamic DNS
Regular Expressions
Programing in a Linux Environment
Software Development
IP Tables
Building a Firewall - or other firewall products
VPN servers and/or clients
Other protocols that run on Linux - ipx, appletalk, etc
Proxy servers on Linux
Apache and other web servers
BSD vs Linux
X Windows
Perforamance tuning/monitoring
Sair-GNU class from TECH
Linux Security
Virus scanners - Anti-virus applications
NAT & PAT - Protocol Encapsulation - TCP/IP Protocol Basics
Spam filtering - Antispam
Network Security
Desktop applications - office suits, browsers w/ plugs, etc
Editors - vi - emacs
Linux on PDA and syncing
Screening of REVOLUTION OS
Filesystems (that work w/ Linux)
Linux distribution/flavors
Linux Performance Tuning
Linux in embedded applications/devices
Linux appliances
Home automation with Linux
Anti-Spyware for Linux
Remote X, VNC, etc
+/-'s of different Remote Desktops
What cool techie ways are you or your company using linux.
Linux Certs/Training please remember technical
Shells, using command line, scripting
Video Conferencing w/ Linux
virtualization with Linux
Linux and emulation
security a Linux box: logging and auditing
Expert Systems on Linux
Open Source Personal Finance Software on Linux
Linux DR
linux HA
Linux Containers

Vendors, publishers, others in the linux arena are also possible topics. Please note to keep the discusstion/topic technical and not a sales pitch. Freebies/give-aways/swag are always a plus.

If you have any other topics and/or willing to present at a meeting please contact Mike Swier or nwclugadmin@harpercollege.edu

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